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Successful companies sell successful products – but long-term success is not just down to good products. Reliability and tradition, innovative strength and sustainable production, happy customers and motivated employees are also important. With this in mind, Sto has been producing and developing products for construction since 1955.

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Technology leader in the industry

The objective has always been to be the industry’s technology leader. It began in the company’s founding year with the production of cement free render / stuccos and Sto has never lost sight of it`s objective since. Its focus: delivering products for sustainable, environmentally-friendly construction. With the introduction of StoTherm Classic the first external wall insulation system appeared in the 1960s. Such systems designed for energy-saving construction came onto the market long before the first oil crisis, the first thermal insulation regulations and even the first public discussion on environmentally-friendly construction.

Innovative products

With the development of innovative products such as Lotus effect and photo-catalytic coatings, but also efficient application technology such as Sto Turbofix. Sto is proving time and again that it is paying more than just lip service to its objective to remain as a technology leader in the industry. In order for us to stay that way we currently have more than 160 employees working in research and development.

A complete range

Today, Sto offers a full range of paints, plasters, renders / stuccos and insulation systems for both interior and exterior use. When you take into account our subsidiaries StoCretec and StoVerotec into consideration, the Sto product network includes facades, interiors, concrete restoration and floor coatings.

Your partner for building delivery

As a partner for building professionals worldwide, Sto has consistently proved to be a skilled service provider delivering technical consultation, extensive product information, educational trips and user training events.

International presence

Our presence can be appreciated around and by the globe. Sto is present throughout Europe in North and South America, The Middle East and China, because Sto believes that the importance of sustainability knows no borders.
Sto: Building with conscience